Anita McAulay has two different series of Self Help Talks available for your help and inspiration!

‘Self Help’ Series is for emotional management and spiritual strengthening for topics such as “Forgiveness”, “Fear or Faith” or “The Power of Words”. Think about and admit issues, and get inspired to conquer and move forward!
The talks are Holistic, addressing Spirit, Soul, and Body. There are seven of these subjects.

The other Series ‘What God Says’ (a pink colour) is readings from stories, powerful verses and quotes in the Bible. These readings are exciting, and bring hope, healing, inspiration, enlightenment and peace. The peace of mind you can experience as you listen is awesome! Rest, drive, or clean the house, and be blessed at the same time!

Anita’s talks are structured, clear and easy to follow. Find out more about the subjects by looking at the shop.

Anita is available to speak at your group or event.

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