Loving me loving you aha

Abba sang the song “Loving me loving you….” What a cool relationship it is when each one loves the other one! It’s Valentine’s Day today when cards are given to say “I love you” – crazy cards, funny cards, lovey cards, beautiful cards, and very fitting cards – and red roses and presents – all to say messages of love to one degree or another! It is a very good thing indeed to express our love. Too often we forget to say “I love you” to one another in our relationships, especially our family. Let’s make a special effort to do that today, on St Valentines Day, and all year round. Now think about this – God has said “I love you” to you and me, and proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt by giving his beloved son Jesus to die in our place for our sins! It’s only right that we accept that Love and love Him back. What a dynamic love relationship! Your heavenly Father and you! Anita www.selfhelptalks.com HELPING YOU TO HELP YOURSELF

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